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LV Shrouding

AUS LV Shrouding is designed to provide a solution for any low voltage situatuon. By using a combination of blanket and tubular shrouding, LV open wire, mains and services can be safely shrouded.

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Small Shrouding Tube

AUS Tubular shrouding is available in 3 metre lengths, internal diameter 25mm. Approved to ENA 43-103 for both 3rd party and DNO personnel.

  • Easy opening castleated ends
  • Easily cut to length
  • Shrouding connectors also available

Product Code: SHRO100



Blanket Shrouding

A versatile family of Velcro edged blanket shrouding, manufactured from heavy duty laquered polyester. LV stabilised and flame retardant to BS7837:1996, tested to 6kV. Small, Medium and Large blankets available 2 way folding kits and bespoke sizes also avaialble.

Product Options


BLANK01 Large Blanket Shroud (1828mm x 914mm)
Blanket Shrouding BLANK02 Small Blanket Shroud (457mm x 229mm)
Blanket Shrouding BLANK03 Small Blanket Shroud "Keyhole" (457mm x 229mm)
Blanket Shrouding BLANK04 Medium Blanket Shroud (610mm x 533mm)
Blanket Shrouding BLANK05 Medium Blanket Shroud (229mm x 762mm)
Blanket Shrouding BLANK06 Medium Blanket Shroud (267mm x 914mm)
BLANK07 Medium Blanket Shroud (229mm x 1397mm)


Shrouding Roll

A 10m long x 150mm wide, velcro edged shrouding roll manufactured from the same material as the vlecro edged blankets. Can be cut to length to suit specific situations.

Product Code: BLANK10



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